The Drag

My first ever blog post and I’ll have to admit making a page has proven to be way more tedious than actually sharing my thoughts so step 1 completed! This may not be the most dazzling page to have ever set your eyes on but it will catch eyes no matter what! Just like I have found a talent for such things in reality; now I shall deal my hand in virtual reality and see if I can find someone who shares my thoughts about this world.

Although, I have plenty of people to share my ideas with in reality I’m sure we have all come across some point in time whereas you don’t want to impede on someone else’s bliss. The topics I seek to discuss too often make the people around me sad or upset or no real progress is made in the conversation. It’s not that they don’t care, but moreso they have too much on their plate to engage in discussions about future actions that need be made in order to improve this world and our species as a whole.

I am not much of a blog reader, but I do believe this is an avenue worth exploring if I want a second opinion, to hear the opposition, to reflect upon my own bias, and to do what I love most which is OBSERVE!

Let me start by introducing myself! My name is India and I am about to enter my senior year in Virginia State University’s Undergraduate Department of Psychology. I consider myself a humanist, positive psychologist, conservationist, liberalist, independent hippie. So in short, I think people are amazing animals that are capable of great intelligence and ability. I also believe that there is a lack of knowledgeable and compassionate people in this world, and that we are outnumbered by people who are afraid, content, ignorant, and greedy.

In all honesty, I guess I can say this blog is me creating a way to escape from these things for the moment. But, I have every intention to mend the things in the world that I believe are wrong. I may not know enough now, but I want this world to be a place of balance. Some would say the world is in balance, but through my eyes it isn’t. And my point is I can’t be the only one, right?

Blog content will consist of:

-African American Culture/ Multiculturalism

– Economics

– Education

– Health Care

-Psychology (Of Course)

– Media

– Pop-Culture

-Various Other Current Events…

This is a discussion board in which I will post my opinions on different topics that I hear about through either current research I am partaking in, current events, social media, and suggestions. I will accept anyone’s opinion as is, so long as it is expressed in a respectful manner. If you cannot be respectful you can get these virtual hands! (Or just get blocked!)

I will be updating this site once a week (for now) with new discussions on Wednesdays!

And Always Remember:

“When someone shows you who they are,

believe them.” – Maya Angelou



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